Going to NYC in Late May

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I am going to be in NYC a bit this summer and was wondering if there were any stores that would carry Women's Shoes? Chicks with Kickz. I myself am going to a few shops but my girlfriend is joining and needed to know where to get her some kickz at. Please do let me know fellow NTers...

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ClassicKicks and Recon sell womens, as does Stussy

think i might have to make the philly to nyc trip on friday you're givin me the itch
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goliath in east harlem has a lot of womens' shoes as well.
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You could go to BK and hit up Fulton St. Some ppl say they have fake kicks but one legit store I go to is called Quick Strike.
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252 Mott St
New York, NY 10012

(212) 334-5457

Sneaker boutique dedicated just for the females.

what you got?
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