Going to Oregon State U....

Dec 6, 2000
I've been accepted (EECS major) and I've been there on a visit for 2 days, but I was wondering if any NT'ers wanna tell me what I'm really in for?

I already know about the Duck/Beaver Civil War, how small Corvallis is and all that, but what about campus/dorm life? night life? Sneaker Spots, if any

If it matters I'm 24, black, and no car. I'm coming in from NY.

Any help is appreciated!
congrats on the acceptance.

been going here for 3 years..as you probably know corvallis is as little of a town as possible, its even hard enough to find good places to go eat (outside of fast food). as for night life theres just the club/bars that most people legal enough to go to. other then that theres your house parties, frat parties, block parties. the town and people of corvallis is very nice you'll probably come to see alot of old people live here so they are all nice. dont really need a car to get around town as everything is pretty close, but good luck with traveling out of town..as when holidays come evryone leaves or to get to shoe stores in portland wouold be your closest bet since there are none really here. (one store but only cares your normal shoes, everyone once in awhile gets very GEnereal release shoes)

other then that...get your education on and drink on. =]
^ 'Preciate that ShoeGuru222

Don't go man... imagine Smallville devided in half.


You ain't lyin...I've lived in a small town before so it's nothing really new, but no way I'm going all the way to Portland just for sneakers!

@#%$ THAT!!!
yea corvallis is really small. I go to university of oregon and I thought eugene was a small town when I first got here then I visited my friend at corvallis
J/K, I was in the Army @ Ft. Lewis.

When you saw me at Capitol that was one of my last days in the Army.

I'm actually from, and in, NY.

BTW- I'm going to another Clipse show here in NY on the 26th. And before you ask, OH HELL YEAH I'm wearing the fitted.

I'll break out the green one this time.
I just returned from UO, my 2nd time on campus and it seems fine. I already planned going to UO next year but still can't get used to switching from Portland -> Eugene...

Team Pacific Northwest

One of my best friends goes to OSU, he likes it fine...he just moved out of the dorms and got a house on campus really cheap. Sounds like he finds a lot to do there, even though its small.
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Congrats on getting accepted.
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That sucks man you couldnt get into the community colleges?
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Its at Autzen so we will be talking @#%$
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Any college is what you make of it... I'm about to bounce from here in June (been here 5 years) and work at the swoosh up in Beaverton, but as has been said, Corvallis is a nice small town.

I'm from Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro area and I've known it all my life so I'm a city kid at heart, and that's where the sneaker spots are at (Lifted/Just Be/Niketown).

But I came here to get away from the city for a bit and it's been fun for sure. Get in with the right friends of course and you shouldn't ever be that bored, lots of extracurricular @#%$ to get into, and of course the stereotypical drunken crowd starting Thursdays if you're into that

As for me, I got all my partying out my first 2 years and I'm just letting my senioritis kick in. Good luck with EECS, try and get into the MECOP program if you can (internship stuff), hit me up andradas at gmail dot com if you have any other ques.
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