going to scottsdale - need advice from the AZ people


Apr 20, 2004
i'm going to scottsdale for a conference and i need some suggestions on what to do on our free time. it's me, my girlfriend and 3 other female co-workers. i don't want to go to any bars or clubs. i'm not looking for "streetwear" or shoes :D
Fashion square!
Pink Taco Restaurant! Rhere are many great restaurants there!
Should be!
^^ what he said. you can actually kill two birds with one stone at Scottsdale Fashion Square. In the mall there are many nice restaurants, including Kona Grill and Z Tejas. Across the street from the mall are Pink Taco and P.F. Chang's. If you're feeling frisky, go down to Old Town Scottsdale (not too far away) and there are tons of great restaurants including sushi, steakhouses, and family italian with lots of boutiques and shops.
wow. that's some great advice. thanks nt. i'll be there in 2 weeks and i'll def hit up the fashion square with my co-workers. hard to picture myself asking 4 women co-workers if they want to eat at the pink taco but i'll give it a shot.
^ i too can vouch for kierland restaurants:

- Mortons Steakhouse
- Cheesecake Factory
- P.F Changs

- and my personal favorite - RA Sushi -

If you like sushi and drinks + good vibes (music)....go here. They have reverse happy hour, where from i believe from 10pm - 1am they have 50% menu and drinks and sapporo is $4 and add $2 for saki
i knew nt would come through for me. i'm adding kierland to the list. thanks.
or you can take a short stroll north from kierland to benihana's. fox sports grill is right by it too.
Fashion Square and Kierland Commons are the only malls in the Scottsdale area.

Check out this site for any kind of restaurants.

If you feel like trying out some middle eastern food, check out Persian Room on Scottsdale and Bell road.

If you feel like sushi, check out RA, I can't remember the crossroads right now.

You can go to Desert Ridge for some shopping also (I believe there is a RA across from it) on Tatum and the 101.

Not sure what state you're coming from, but if you guys don't have IN n OUT, do yourself a favor and try it(if you haven't already). Even if you don't like it you have to try it at least.
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