Going to the Philippines, need some help!

Aug 11, 2005
So its been about 8 years since ive been to the Philippines and I found out yesterday that Im going in December. I was just wondering how are Jordan releases in the Philippines. Im going to be there around the time the fire red 5's drop and i was wondering what would the total be in pesos and is it hard to get a size 12 or 13? I think the mall I went to my last time was in dagupan(sp). what stores are legit in the dagupan(sp) mall? I know its a long time aways but money is getting tight. can anyone help me, much much thanks in advance

PS: since ill be around Christmas time, how much would a N series nokia phone generally cost (pesos)?
I don't know any malls in Dagupan that carry Jordans or Nikes since I'm Manila-based.

But if ever you'll be in Manila, your best bet is MAKATI, as always. We get good Jordan retro releases here. (Mars 4s, Blackcats, Pures, Grapes 5s, Green Beans, Stealths, etc.)

It's a bit hard to get size 12s or 13s here. I think the largest size would be 12 (Correct me if I'm wrong size 12 guys..255?). Plus some stores even carry only 1 size 12.

Regarding the phones,

N series phones run from php16,000 to as much as php45,000. It depends on where you buy them though.

If you plan to get from cellphone flea markets, you'll get em at low prices. But I greatly doubt the integrity of these stores.

It's better to buy from reputable stores such as Nokia Store, Semicon, Hub (Globe Telecom's Store), Hello, Mega Cellular and a lot more.

From what I've observed, Mega Cellular offers the lowest price among these stores. They have a fairly nice collection too.

I suggest that you buy from the reputable stores. Based on personal experience, the phones I get from these legit stores do not have problems even through 3 years of heavy usage. Plus you get a full one year warranty. Service is also good. And they replace your phone if it really has a problem.

Phones that came from flea markets, however, would have weird problems appearing even only 6 months. And they're very shady. And their products come with a STUPID 3-DAY WARRANTY. They never replace your phone no matter what happens. They always have a reason for it and in reality, they just try to fix it in any way possible.

This is all I could muster. Hope this helps. :smile:
Watch out!​
pm me bro your email addy so i could send you all the list of legit places here in PI that sells Js

hope that helps
nothing in dagupan? and Manila is my best bet. thanks alot guys, i cant wait to go!
i just catch the mrt to shangri la and from there it's a fairly easy walk to sm megamall and from there to the podium. the mrt is airconditioned and much faster than going through traffic.

n70 is about 15-17 now, n73 is about 25-27, n80 is 26-28 the 90 series is around 35-37 i think. cellphones are pretty expensive in the philippines compared to here getting them with a plan, but they do have the newest ones and even ones not released here in the u.s. and they are usually open line. prices are always lower with cash than with credit cards. like already mentioned buy from a reputable dealer in a mall and make sure it comes with at least a year warranty.
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