going to the PI soon, i need some sneakerspots!!

Apr 24, 2005
i kno there's already a list with all the nike stadiums, athlete foots and what not but... can you please narrow it down to the top 10 best spots to visit that are close to Manila. im mostly looking for asian exclusive air maxes, retro jordans, and MAYBE if i can get lucky... some older generation SBs that arent as pricey as the ones in the US. PLEASE no flaming...
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Just go to these malls in MAKATI, you'll find almost everything there.

- GLORIETTA MALL, AYALA CENTER (Has a Nike Park, Nike Metro & Nike Stadium)
- GREENBELT MALL, AYALA CENTER (Has the Nike Park with USUALLY the best selection)

Also in Makati but around 10 minutes away from there:

- POWERPLANT MALL, ROCKWELL (Has a Nike Stadium, Greyone Social and Analog Soul that carries streetwear brands)

You can also visit THE FORT in TAGUIG but is just 5 minutes away from Glorietta or Greenbelt.

- MARKET! MARKET! (Has Sports Warehouse for all the outlet store for sneakers and apparel)
- BONIFACIO HIGH STREET (Has a Nike Park which is similar to Nike Town and a Puma Boutique and I don't know what else I haven't been there yet)

If you want some SBs look for a guy here named TAKEOVER SHOP, just PM him and your SB problem is solved. :-DThe worst disability, is the disability to understand.
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