Golf courses around UCLA

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I'm going to be up at UCLA with a friend in a couple of days for one of their college days, then I'm spending the night in another friend's dorm and coming back late the next day. Me and the first friend will have hours to kill the next day before the 3 of us drive back down to SD the second night.

I was just wondering if there were any good, cheap-*#* public golf courses around UCLA, and if not, what else is cool to do in the area?
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You can try to walk on at Rancho Park which is approx 5 miles south of UCLA near Beverly Glen and Pico Blvd. I work a 9-5 so I never make it out during mid day but I cant imagine its gonna be that busy on a weekday. As far as costs go, its not that cheap, pretty standard muni prices (probably around $25 or so to walk).

edit: maybe you'll get lucky and see a pseudo celeb there hahaha.  I played there after work once on a random weekday super-twilight.  I hit a quack hook off the tee into a low hanging bunch of trees (didnt call fore cause I thought no one was there).  When I went to go look for my ball I ran into Jordan Farmar pacing around under the trees.  He said his cellphone fell outta his golf cart and he was lookin for it.  The rest of his 4some was Kevin Love, a dude who was currently on the UCLA men's squad (name escapes me right now) and a 4th kid who I didnt recognize.  K-love has a decent swing for being a 7' behemoth.

Depending on how far you wanna go, theres also a short 9 hole track next to Santa Monica Airport called Penmar. Its pretty short, mostly par 3's with a few par 4's sprinkled in. Almost a pitch and putt kinda place. Point to point its probably about 15 minutes from campus so its not too bad. I think its a bit on the pricier side though considering its just a 9 hole, but I like to go out there to goof around and
and work on my short game.

Or you could just cruise campus with your boy and try to talk to girls. Thats always cheap.

If you're 21 you can just post up at a bar and get s-faced.
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Originally Posted by young1lex

i usually see a nice one on pico by blvd of the stars. you could check there
if youre talkin bout the one East of Avenue of the Stars that is a private country club.  The one west of Ave is Rancho Park
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