good barbershops in TO

Jul 23, 2007
can anyone recommend me some good yet cheap barbershops which can be easily accessible by the TTC which are open on saturdays?

thanks :pimp:
but your loss is my gain.

nuff said.

theres a bunch of places in chinatown that charge like $5 for a normal haircut... not exactly sure of names and addresses tho
A.J. Burnett--Roy Halladay--Troy Glaus--Aaron Hill--Lyle Overbay--Alex Rios--Vernon Wells--Frank Thomas​
across the street from bathurst st....

actually when you come out the station, cross the street and walk north for bout 50 seconds.... best Barbers in Toronto

here are some of the celebritys i seen there while getting my hair cut

Joey Graham
Lennox Lewis
Shawn Desmond
TJ Ford
Alot of blue jays players used to come

the place is affordable too
i usually get my haircut in chinatown. Dont know the name of the place, but its on the east side of spadina, north of dundas and south of college. Its got a purple sign and its upstairs. It is between a noodle place (on the right) and some jewellry place (on the left), $7.00 (i think they upped it to 8)
, no wash :smile:
It's by Main Street station.
Looking for: 8-8.5 De La Lows , 8.5-9 PL/non Purple Avengers & 8-8.5 Jordan XVI
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