good citie in CT

Oct 3, 2006
may be moving to connecticut when i get out of school, grew up in boston,any suggestions on larger cities to check out?
Stamford,greenwich, bridgeport, or even danbury? I use 2 live in greenwich but moved out to ansonia..(which sucks!) I'm probley the only dude who stays coppin js out here but besides that I'd say those areas
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You should move to Norwalk.....Its the most diverse place in the world. What I mean is to say is that every race is equal in terms of population. But yea Norwalk is a good place to live in.
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Depends if you want to live close to NYC or Mass.

The more south you go in CT (i.e. lower fairfield county), the more expensive.
Stamford is a real nice city and they have a lot of good companies to work for. Bridgeport doesn't have too much to offer, but they are trying to build it up. Norwalk is ok, I would not recommend it though.
I'd say Stamford, Norwalk, New Haven, or Hartford. Lots of bars/nightclubs in each of these cities, but they all have nice neighborhoods, and straight 'hoods.
BTW, I live in Bridgeport- not much to do here...
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