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What clubs do yall go to? I know Love was the spot for a while, but all these new clubs are opening or makin moves to be the spot. I just went to this new club Ibiza and it was straight.

The Pros are:
-The girls of course.
-The music. There was 2 rooms one for hip hop and one for spanish music. All the good looking girls were in the spanish room.

The only Con is the lines. They only let in a few people at a time because they try to make it look exclusive.

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Depends on the night mostly, if you need more information and got a Facebook hit up my group "I [insert heart here] DC Clubbing" for more information than you'll ever need...or just pm me.
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i've been to ibiza, fur and Park.......and my fav is PARK...........that place it tight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ibiza is not bad at all either..........butyo........are you on the guestlist for PARK.....if so, how did you get on??
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hit up eyebar on I street and 17th, i believe: $10 dollars with a drink ticket and the muzic is tight on Fridays.
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ibiza is straight, fur is straight depending on what night you go...Park is nonsense, so is Dream
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@ ervings

i was in there last month im not even gonna go into the details ( most of them aren't NT appropriate )

but seeing cats tryna holla at strippers with ribs and wings hanging out there mouth hot off the grill out back = priceless
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Originally Posted by ipitomi

where's crossroads at???
In bladensburg...
Wednesday nights still be aite...
come as you are....
ladies free before 11...
There is a Reggae room and a hip hop room....
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Originally Posted by yngunner1

Do yall remember when "DC live" was the spot ?
Yes indeed. We use to hit that spot on Sunday night, college night. You could get in with jeans, tims, and a jersey if you wanted to. Nothing butdancing going on the whole night, not a bunch of people posted up on the wall trying to impress one another.
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