Good Jewelry Stores in/around Atlanta

Oct 14, 2002
I'm about to get back into the jewelry game with a custom piece but first I need a chain. I mainly need a place with good prices and quality on jewelry. I'm looking for a 30-40 inch 14K-18K solid yellow (maybe white) gold franco chain. Also if you know any good place that does custom pendants let me know as well.

Focus Diamonds in Gwinnett Place Mall. Ask for Zahir. A few sneakerheads on here know him. Their custom work is some of the best in the region. They are finishing Yung Jocs new piece that is the size of Nigo's "$" piece. "Hustlenomics" all clean pave on a brolic rope chain for his new album. I'll post pics in the jewelry thread when it's finished. Their clientele list is very long...

Francos in different sizes in stock all day...

You can shop around and most people in Atlanta have the misconception that the America's Mart off Spring St. has wholesale pricing, which is true, but only for jewelry store owners. They do not sell wholesale to the general public, but they make people believe they do...

Send me a pm and I'll give you Zahir's number. If you don't get a piece made from him, you will atleast have better knowledge of the jewelry game...

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FOCUS DIAMONDS i got my 22k piece done there with white and blue diamonds.. quality stuff
Hey, Tmanm3, you got pics of your piece? I wanna see how it came out and the cost if you don't mine sharing. I'm probably gonna go all out next semester cause I have to get these Christmas gifts first. You can send the pics/info to me in an email if you want shjamiller at
its the one with the cross this is the same one...i dont have a camera with me.. but this is another one from the store.
agian, if you don't mind me asking, how much did it run you and how many carats is that?
its similar to that one sory i thought it was the same. not as big i have the same cross on a different chain. it was a gift so im uncertain on the price.. Mr. T you have any more info on Focus. i just knwo thy do quality stuff.

This is the chain I wore to Kicks in the City event at Club Verve in Atlanta.

Cross is 14kt white gold with 5.75 total carats

14kt Bezel set diamond chain 12 total carats

Thanks to Focus Diamonds for lacing with this joint...

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