Good Modern Day Writers to Read?

Apr 4, 2008
I've started up on reading again and have been reading the classics, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, etc. I'm looking for some more modern day writers like DanBrown, Chuck Palahniuk and Cormac McCarthy. Fiction only. And it would be a plus if there are any writers in particular that resemble Hank Moody's style.
I came in here ready to say Chuck Palahniuk but you already mentioned him. There's a dude named Donald Ray Pollock I met at a Palahniuk signing, wrote abook called Knockemstiff...pretty good book
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Any Palanhniuk favorites, aside from Fight Club?
Survivor. I've enjoyed all of them but you could probably skip Invisible Monsters. I really liked Snuff, his most recent novel.

You should read Project X by Jim Shepard. Quick but intense read about some kids planning a school shooting.
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Any Palanhniuk favorites, aside from Fight Club?
Choke was the first book by him I read and got me hooked. Def check that out...too much to even put into words but if you liked fight clubyou'll like that. Snuff is a newer book by him and it's about the perspectives of 3 dudes standing in line at a porn shoot where a girl is trying tobang 600 dudes and set some record...also very entertaining. With the same dark twist he puts in all of his writing
This guy loves sexual themes
I'll probably pick up Snuff, Choke and The Road by Cormac McCarther tomorrow. Plan to do a lot of reading this summer.
The Road is crazy. I loved it.

A couple of other suggestions from Cormac McCarthy: All the Pretty Horses, and Child of God...
Have any of you read Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith? It's a bit long, 500 pages, but it sounds pretty interesting. Takes place in Stalinist Soviet Union andthere's a serial killer on the loose.
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