Good Places to Eat in Manhattan..PLZ!

Nov 10, 2005
Whats good my fellow nt'ers..So I live in NYC but not in Manhattan but me and my girl go to Manhattan for every special occasion cuz its our "place"..She took me to this really nice restaurant for my bday n dropped all this money on me..We went to an upscale steakhouse and she spent 100 on just me and her...So i wanna return the favor and take her to a nice restaurant but Idk of any good ones..Can anyone suggest a more upscale restaurant we can go to?..By upscale I'd say in the range of 50-70 per person give or take 10 bucks...Not like some 40/40 club type stuff where I gotta drop 150 each..Any suggestions would be appreciated =)
you could try Dr. Jekyl & Hyde's. The food their isnt THAT great but its decent. They have your customary NEw york strip on a bed of rice mashed potato sort of stuff. The cool part about this restaurant is because they have live entertainment. The whole restuarant has a spooky horror theme and its actually kinda fun for a date.
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Aye Shapeshiftah..My girl is half Norwegian so a scandinavian restaurant such as Aquavit would be perfect..Plus it looks really nice..It looks kinda pricey but if it's worth it I dont mind payin that money..Whats your review on it?..Also, are there alot more things than just seafood b/c she hates seafood and the majority of the stuff looks like seafood..Thanks

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