Good shoes for this upcoming season?

Aug 12, 2007
Hi, i'm planning on buying a pair of fresh basketball shoes for this up and coming season. I REALLY lean towards nike because that's what i've been wearing most of my life. I usually play the 1, 2, or 3.

I really want to stick in the price range of $50 - less than $100.
Looking for:
Converse Wade Playoff ed. size 9.5
Nike Shox Certified 9.5 Blk/Wht/Blue
1.Nike air limelight- 80$ air max 180- 89$ hurache elite- 79$

King James the Chosen One
just use some coupons and that will make both the lebron soldiers and the zoom bb shoes under 100 bucks.
im with's would be really good....soldiers would be good too....limelights are a little stiff...If it were me, id get the zoom BB's or some Zoom Kobe I's or II's
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