Good TATTOO places in SoCal..

Nov 24, 2002
..and by good, I mean high quality work. Since a tat is basically a lifetime thing, i'm not really concerned about cost. I'm looking to get a tattoo on my back [maybe about 60-70% coverage]. I'm looking for someone to also look over my design and who can revise and "improve" it. Thanks in advance.
Ugly BIll at Chronic Tattoo does pretty good work and Greg at Guru does nice color (both in Pacific Beach)
Black Wave Tatoo near Undefeated and Stussy. Beverly Blvd/1st street. They do some pretty good tatto's
Yo, I got some work done at the Tattoo Room over in Granada Hills.

Also the girl Danielle did my dad's portrait...

Quality work, I think they have appointments only though.
Bad Influence tattoo in S. California is a spot worth checking out too

FS: DS Grape Vs size 10.5

Refs: Ahliang119, bimminkickz, kidRETRO1206, 2 packs of silica gel, etc.
V1nsanity would you mind posting your Dad's portrait? Because her work looks really great.
bring back the McRib
Sure thing

Here's a print screen from the website...

Here's a pic I took from A magazine that the portrait made...

This is the mag.
Thanks for the input so far. Seems like a good sample of choices for me to pick from. If there are any other suggestions, please feel free to post. If you actually got your tat from the place, pics of their work is always appreciated (thx for posting your dad's work V1nsanity3
I would check out some of these spots and look at the portfolios to see what style you like. Also keep in mind what type of design you want to if the artist will do it.
Jay Miagi @ Resurection Tattoo in Pasadena is an amazing artist. Jay specializes in sleeves and Japanese Art. We found out about Jay becuase a lot of people from Sole Technology & Etnies Plus had work done by him. Store13 might even collaborate with Jay on a t-shirt.
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