Good times with Mo

Jun 19, 2006
Anybody here listen to their show at 89.9 from 6AM to 9AM?

Wala lang, aliw lang ako sa hosts ng show namely Mo Twister, Mojo Jojo and Andy9... They have a hot segment now called celebrity challenge with Forbidden Questions...

They invite celebrity to challenge one of the DJ per week (every wednesdays) then afterwards asks questions (intruiging) for the Celebrity to answer.... Maui Taylor was the first one to undergo such...

Tomorrow, it will be Cassandra Ponti...
Well I live here in California and I listen to them online when ever streaming is available. I love their show and specially that new Jock Andi 9 she is kinna cute! :wow:
I love this show. I listen to it every morning. Keeps me awake while driving.

Hat of Forbidden Questions was borrowed from Power 106 and Big Boy's show. He was a guest on Good Times with Mo a couple of months ago.

Too bad tsismis shows like The Buzz, S-Files and Startalk are hating on Mohan Gumatay even though they haven't listened to the show.

Blame the celebrity participants for answering those difficult questions.

They can always tap out if they don't want to answer.

Oh, and Andi-9 is a winner.



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Damn shes a Hottie! What happened to the other cutie Jock from a few months ago? I forget her name???
Manzano that her last name huh? Man...she hella looks like Terra Patrick there on that photo! Masarap na masarap!
^Haha! Your avy is missing again hehehe!

And I agree, she looks like TERA PATRICK on that pic!

and she looks a bit like Kim Fabros of 7 Shots, too.
Think of all the possibilities.
Wow!! Is that Andy... I saw a pic of them with Mo and Mojo at MArket Market but she does not look like that....

Smokin' Hot!!!

Boring Forbidden questions with Cass this morning... she went 18 but she answered straight.... although I think she was versed not to answer the infamous question...
Yup! She's late..... she arrived almost end of the show.. arounf 8:45 but was ok in the first part of the Forbidden questions... KJ lang kasi she did not answered the controversial question on who's gay in showbiz that had to admit.... oh well....

Troy Montero will be next week's guest.... He promised to beat his Bro's 32 answered q's
I gotta check this out. The Robbie and Don Show on the Wave is as entertaining as shoe employees telling me how much of a clown a customer was in trying to show off his Jordans! :lol:
Hey does anybody have any pics of other Disc Jockey hotties from local radio stations out there in PI? Paki post naman o?
Troy beat KC's record... He scores 38!!!

Gay Question was answered safe.... He answered Kuya Germs...
Too bad he did not answer who's the easiest girl in showbiz to get down with.... he tapped out...

I wanna hear Aubrey Miles next..... I think she's game!!!
Vina Morales is crying. "Foul!" and heres why:

In yesterdays edition of Forbidden Questions, the controversial Wednesday segment of Mo Twisters now-much-talked-about Good Times with Mo program on Magic 89.9 (6 to 9 a.m. Monday through Thursday), guest Borgy Manotoc was put on the "hot seat" and bombarded with 40-plus "forbidden" questions.

Host Mo asked Borgy, "Name three famous women youve gone to bed with."

At first, the very hesitant Borgy was silent, so Mo egged him on.

Finally, Borgy named, first, Lana Asanin (the German model, now out of the country, who used to appear on Eat, Bulaga!), and then Victoria London (now also out of the country, last seen as one of Rustom Padillas "errand girls" on ABC 5s The Price is Right).

And the third woman?

After much prodding from the insistent Mo, Borgy whispered to Mo who promptly screamed with glee, "Oh, its Vina, its Vina, my long-time crush!"

One lady listener, calling from her car, asked Mo who the Vina referred to was and he confirmed, "Vina Morales!"

Then, the "grilling" continued.

Mo: Is it true that you dont wear underwear?

Borgy: Sometimes but not all the time.

Next question: There are rumors that you are uncut. True or false?

Borgy was mum.

Mo: Why dont we ask Vina Morales?

For the information of those who cant wake up early enough, the format of Mos Forbidden Questions segment is free-wheeling, no-holds-barred, and Mos questions usually focus on such topics as sex (gender of guest or celebrities, positions, whos good in bed and whos not, etc.) and ham actors/actresses, and the like.

Anyway, contacted by Funfare for her reaction, Vina was at once shocked, amused, irked and angry.

"I know Borgy. Who doesnt know him?" said Vina. "But Im not close to him. The farthest I came close to him was saying Hi! Thats all. But going to bed with him? Hello!"

Crying, "Foul!", Vina now wants an "explanation" from Borgy.

"He has to clear my name," said Vina. "What he did was damaging to me. If I have to talk to his mom, Rep. Imee Marcos, to make him correct things, I will."

Mo has been saying that guests he puts on the "hot seat" may or may not answer any question they deem "incriminating." Its a puzzle why a perceived gentleman like Borgy would kiss-and-tell, and on the air at that! He could have said, "No comment!" or not say anything at all.

"I want to make it clear that what Borgy said was not true!" repeated Vina who, as far as I know, is happily going steady with a very rich Chinese guy. "How could he!"
Whats up?
Vina settles Borgy issue with a big slap!
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
ing to believe that I really went to bed with him."

Asked further how she felt after the incident, Vina said, "Relieved! Id been hurting...I needed my name to be cleared. No, I have no regrets that I did it."

Would she still file a slander case against Borgy as planned?

"I dont think so," said Vina who acted as "judge" and delivered a reverberating "verdict."

Now, whos to blame for untoward incidents like this...for celebrities being pitted against one another? DJ Mo Twister and his "forbidden questions"? I dont think so. As Mo said, "I only ask the questions. Its my guests who give the answers."

Could it be the guest celebrities who are presumably desperate for attention and publicity? Or, perhaps, for the sake of, as Borgy told Vina, simply "joking?" What do you think?

Okay, so the case between Vina and Borgy is closed.

Alls well that ends well?

Good X Bad times with Mo! :rofl:
Today's show was awesome. Luis Alandy (sp?) named 3 actresses she slept with. The 3rd name he dropped was Kat Alano (former co-host of Wowowee). This shocked everyone because the two were never linked together. Then I saw a segment on TV Patrol saying that Kat will file a libel case against Luis. Funny. Shouldn't she be suing for slander and not libel?

Luis went all the way. 40 out of 40.


This guy just revived his so-so career.

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