Good Used Import Dealerships?

Jan 18, 2007
soo im in the starting process of buying a car and was wondering if any of you guys would know if there was any good used car dealerships that sold japanese cars (honda civics, nissan 2-series, etc...) in the pacific northwest??

Team Pacific Northwest​
buy from individuals, dealerships are legal rape. I just bought a car and was able to score the car I was after for about 50% off of Kelly bluebook value by staying on craigslist and the paper.
Team Pacific Northwest​
definiately try to find a private seller instead of a dealership. They usually markup the prices pretty high, but be careful about certain seller. They could be trying to sell you a jacked up car. basically do your research and test drive the car.
A good idea is to get a inspection of course before you think about buying a car and a carfax to see the history of it
you can always put some cheese down with the seller so they will hold the car and then take it to have it checked out by a good mechanic with the understanding that if the car checks out you will buy.
Team Pacific Northwest​
91 red 240sx w/ jdm rb20det swap w/ 78k miles. was recently in an accident so it left a nice dent on the left rear. needs an oil change and new tires, will go for 3k.
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