Goodie Mob - Still Standing

Joined Feb 23, 2004

Yo, this album is so dope. Please check this joint if you havent. Before the South was saturated with dumb #@* dances, we had mad substance in our music. Folksjust dont appreciate how doope Goodie Mob was.
Joined Jun 1, 2008
Cee Lo's verse on "Still Standing" is AMAZING... That track is deffinetly one of my favorite hip hop songs of ALL time... Its kind of underratedin a sense, IMO it deserves to be mentioned with any other Classic Track...
Joined Aug 28, 2008
One of my favorite albums of all time
Cee-Lo's performance on this album has to be top 10 for any rapper throughout a album...
Joined May 11, 2008
"If you don't like what I say fly away..." LOL yea I still have this album. I wonder whatever happen to CoolBreeze.....
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