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Feb 6, 2005
yo... so in august i was shoppin at GOODS and picked up a pair of Ventilator's for by brother who lives in kentucky. So about a month later after i had shipped them my brother calls me and says that one shoe is a size 10.5 and the other is a 12... he was hella heated... i just laughed it off. We ended up not doing nothing about it... BUT i was wondering if this ever happened to any ya'll... ??

and GOODS still be takin all my money...
rep that twenty 6
ahhahahahha. i never heard of that happening....
Hella filthy!
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it happened to me once...but i was buying shoes from champs...

Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. What shoes should i wear next to break some necks?
That happened to me when i was buying shoes for indoor soccer...gave me a 9.5 and a 10.5 but i just went and exchanged and got a free Arsenal poster :D

never happened through goods, but i kno that happens at places like champs and footlocker
lol yea i was thinking vlad would do that......since he has most of the jordan tags that came from the Vs...
i got a similar story. i bought a cd at circuit city and i open up the cd and there is no cd inside, so i took it back in and got another one
One time Kosh sprinkled Rays pubes on my AM 1s.

Uncalled for!
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