grapes in AZ????

The guy at Champs in Tucson said that he knows of stores in Phoenix that will be getting them. I'm not familiar with Phoenix so just call around I guess.
Yes, I am that nice​

So is Matt Kemp​
In the official post someone mentioned that all Footactions would be getting them. You might want to try calling the FA in the mall nearest you.
Also,, and all had them in sizes 8 - 13 today (9/15).
All the footactions aint getting them cause we haven't gotten ours and are not supposed to get them
just heard that one or two footactions will get them from manager at Fiest mall! Good luck to yall!
Curious to know how it turned at Sheiks and Finishline? Anyone have any good stories?
Nothing special happened at arrowhead finishline

they only had "6 pairs" buncha liars
i hate shiekh
Shiekh at Desert Sky actually wasnt THAT Shady. I got there at like 5am and was bout 6th in line. Luckily i was tha only 12 at tha time. They opened tha mall at 9. Thought they were gonna give us tickets, but they made us wait outside the store til 12, cuz "their shipment came in late". Funny cuz one of the people waitin with us worked at Shiekh and said their shipment came in on Thursday. They had 13 pairs and sold 12. Not that bad actually...GOT MY PAIR!!
So will the Grapes be the last retro Shiekh gets? I thought they were in trouble with JB
I managed to get mine from Stevens on 20th st. Kept buggin them until they finally came in on Wednesday.
Yeah I got mine at shiekhs at arowhead mall and i was 2nd in line got there at 7:30 too. Hahahahhahahhaha
I copped at Metro Shieks . I was the first guy in line ( I was wearing the Stussy Desert camo hoody and Gino 2 dunks ) . I was lucky enough to come away with my size , any other NT'ers there ?
I was in line with my cousin at Mills. Sold Out. I'm retired.....
Until the fire red V's and III's. I officially retire after they Retro the Carmines.
there was like 15 or so guys at arrowhead

i was like 11
but i came really late, just after 12:00
woulda came earlier but had junk to do
oh well

oh btw, i was the guy with long hair, the only person not wearing nice shoes haha
i had on beat up running shoes
Someone explain to me why no one was at Desert Sky mall. I was 6th in line and copped easily. Yall slept on DSKY!!!
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