grapes in dallas

i havent called the stores but im pretty sure the footaction in redbird are getting them, im not sure about the foolocker in wynnewood but they could sell them cuz they sold the dmp, if the footlocker in wynnewood does sell them they are gonna sell them at midnight, and the footaction at redbird will not sell them but theres a footlocker in there, i only know bout shops in oak cliff.
on the realz tho, whats a sig?
im been calling footlockers and they say they are not selling them, do you know if theres a Footaction inside the Galleria?
on the realz tho, whats a sig?
i think the footaction in redbird is getting them, but i haven't called. i did call a few stores in valley view and they said they aren't getting the grapes. i don't think there's a footaction in the galleria but you can check the galleria's website to be sure.
^ I dont believe so... and footlockers around mesquite mainly town east dont usually carry limited jays....they had the laser IV's but didnt have the caro V? go figure?
these are a real hassel to locate in dallas
I think its God disguised as Michael Jordan
-Larry Bird
i just called the footaction in redbird and they are gonna sell them, theres also a new footaction in wynnewood village prolly go tommorrow in the morning to check if they are gonna have them. Where are you guys gonna get yours at? What time should i go to footaction and line up?

I wanna make sure i get them so im asking for yall help.
on the realz tho, whats a sig?
ooking to trade size 11 or 12 BLK CARO for sz 11 or 12 GRAPES!!!
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