Group Interview Help!!! UPDATE********************PEE TEST FTL!

Jan 3, 2008
So i got a call on saturday for a group interview at Kohls tomorrow at 9am

but i have never worked in retail or had a group interview(im 19 btw)

anyone have any tips or suggestions? id really appreciate it


So apparently my homeboy was in that group interview also a couple weeks ago, they didnt call him back (he dressed in a beanie and a plaid shirt and some jeans

i just got the call a couple hours ago saying they want me to represent the company...Now i got one more question..

a week ago, and im not sure if its out of my system, and my pee testis tomorrow or wednesday
...i know SMH at myself.

anyone got any tips on how to clean themselves??
Don't be the quiet one but don't be the over the top one. Have some personality. Never be the one that doesn't volunteer.
speak up, take initiative, volunteer to answer the questions first or second (if there is no pre-set order)...go with the flow of the conversation, try not tobe too overbearing or control the entire conversation yourself, don't just repeat answers other have said before you.

be well-spoken, assertive, and both a follower/leader throughout the interview. good luck!

Group interviews can be tricky as sometimes you can have a group of 5, or even 20. Ontop of what they already said make sure you dress for the job. Walkin inwith shorts and a T is not ganna get it done lol.
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