Guess what I found?

Jul 9, 2006
This is the last thing I thought I would see in Canada.
I had to bring my brother to the doctors so he could get a check-up. I felt hungry, so I decided to stop by the convenience store beside the building. I just walk and glance by the magazine stand, and guess what I see...

SOLE COLLECTOR and the new one too (Jordan XX2 cover). And I bought it and didnt have enough money for a snack now. But i guess it was worth it.

Has anyone else found Sole Collector in Toronto or just Canada in general? I know there is a shop in like Vancouver that carries them, so other than that.

And if you wanna know which store i got it from:
Daisy Mart / Beckers @ Highway 7 & McCowan, Markham, Ontario.
Sole Collector has had some regular distribution in Canada since about issue 4?.

Chapters used to get it regular, but since The issue with Wade on the Cover(I think), they haven't been getting it, and I've never seen it around. If it's at a convenience store, I would guess they changed distribution and are beginning to distribute it a bit more. At least in Canada.
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Oh i forgot to mention.

When i was paying for it, i asked the cashier if they were going to receive it regularly. And he said that the people that select and distribute magazines to Daisy Marts decided to send a shipment of this issue their way. He said it was out of nowhere, and he didn't know if they were going to get another one.
i think INDIGO at EatonCtr. has em too... not too sure so dont hold me on that....
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There are places that get the issue on the regular.
I heard.. World's Largest Bookstore or whatever it is called. Yonge/Dundas.
^^ I went to Worlds Largest and they said they stopped making it... :evil:
... but anyways thanks for the info Apocalypz
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^^^ Do they still have any?
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I saw it recently at a hasty mart in scarborough it was dope still
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FYI this place called BOOK CITY right south of Yonge & Bloor had 5-6 copies of the latest Sole Collector & from last week they had Sneaker Freaker Magazine as well :pimp:
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My local chapters just called me to pick up mine. When I got there, they told me in every shipment, they only get 2 magazines.

That's a very sad distribution in my opinion.

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I walked into the local tobacco/magazine shop here in Medicine Hat and found the Jordan XX Sole Collector. Haven't seen new issues there since.
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