Guitarist afficionados I need your help identifying a song! PLEASE! I will Paypal a $1 USD to winner

Joined Dec 3, 2007
Ok, I heard a song on the classic rock/oldies radio station a few years back that featured no lyrics just amazing guitar work. I originally thought it was Eddie Van Halen (no it wasn't eruption) then some folks pointed me towards Satriani. I knew his work, but have a tough time find the song through his catalog.

The song features a lot of scaling up and down and is very melodic, but with a quick tempo if that helps. Any suggestions?

I'm a huge fan of guys like clapton, may, slash, EVH and satriani. It's driving me crazy that I do not know this song. Maybe it is Eddie and I just can't find it. It had to be a solo work if it was.
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