H-Town anyone know what store is getting...

Jan 14, 2006
Does any one know which stores is getting the DS (dead serious) LRG hoodie(s)? Any help is appreciated. Thnx!
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I would honestly check out SF2... They have a large selection of clothes....
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there is this SHOP inside baybrook mall and Galleria... it's called Metro..?.. something, but they have some new LRG hoodies, it's a premium boutique so you wont be dissapointed
last time i went to sf2... they had no LRG... but they had a gang of algierz and scarface... baaallliiinnnn!
metropark has tha green one


metro park inside Galleria doesnt have them, I was talking to one of the people who works there and he was saying he's trying to find them online... makes it seem like they're not getting it but who knows. If they do get them, they'll be the only place I know to get it in a smaller size.

A lot of the the hood stores that carry LRG that I've spoken to are going to get it, but only XLs on up.

I know that at some point a store in the Galleria will have them though - only in black though.

Endzone on Scott b/w Griggs & OST is getting three colors, black, red, and another one but I forgot - XL's and up only though.

I haven't personally checked, but every store in Sharpstown carries a lot of LRG, so if you're a bigger dude you'll probably be able to find one there in XXXL or something. (Trendz, Harold Pener, Hook Up, G2)

Active Athlete might have some, but probably not a useful size. The one on Cullen at least.

I'll try to make some rounds on my day off and see who's getting what for sure and update.

On a side note, Barney's CO-OP has KidRobot hoodies and the Barneys exclusive Grdy Gns shoes (originally they weren't going to get them as stated on HB), I already got mine

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^^ great report, thanks Russ tha G

i'm going to be in houston next week and i'll be sure to check those spots.
dunno if anybody cares, but here's a small update

So I went to Sharpstown yesterday, most people weren't too helpful, but it seemed like the majority of stores who carry LRG in there ARE getting the hoody, but only XL or XXL and up.

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Russ you know when Endzone is gettin their's in?

Also I just came from SF2 and they said they aren't gettin it. Like dude said above me they don't even carry LRG. They have some Frankenstein forces and a few other nice kicks too though.

Also hit up Greenspoint and the one spot I figured that would have them didn't (Georgio's). Asked one of them girls that work in there but they weren't too helpful.

- Preciate it.

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to dude above, Georgios typically doesn't have LRG (at least not in S.Town). theire sister store, G2, in s.town, actually said they weren't getting them, but he didn't seem to fully understand my question about the DS hoody. I would imagine they would get it, but I dunno what's going on with them- they've seemed to stop getting shipments of certain stuff (no new evisu since xmas or so).

Endzone placed their order a approx a week ago I think. Khalil said to expect them first week of December - they have a call list you can be on where you can let them know what you're insterested in and they'll call you when it comes in - they have that for the DS hoody.

a list of stores I know for a fact (according to staff) will have the hoody:
467 Street

Harold Pener
Active Athlete
Metro Park

if I hear anything else I'll post it

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I know this is a long shot, but I figured that I would try: Russ/anyone else--do you know of anywhere in Austin/San Antonio/Central Texas that even might be getting it? The LRG "dealers" listed on their website all said that they carried very little LRG and were not getting anything new in. Even if you don't know about the hoodie specifically, any suggestions on Hip-Hop/Urban retailers in these areas to double-check?

It's tough getting stuff in this area.....Smooth
to dude above, Georgios typically doesn't have LRG (at least not in S.Town).

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Sorry I havent got a chance to reply to my own post! Thanks for all the help you guys. As far as any info.... I dont really have any lol. I went to Metro Park and didnt see it, but thats pretty much the only store i've been to. Any one know if any store that has recieved shipment yet?
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^ Metro's shipment came and went... immediately. Lines and everything,

Sharpstown isn't getting a single hoody

There's still 2 more shipments coming to the city, but pretty sure none below XL

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Thnx Russ, Do you know what 2 stores will receive the shipment? I wear an XL
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I am 5'8 130lbs. I normally wear a size L, How does LRG hoody fit??
I don't want to end up getting a XL
B.T.W RU$$ does Barneys have a large selection of GG shoes. I am trying to get the grey/blk ones

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