Happy 22nd Birthday NikeTalk!

May 27, 2017
I do, too. It's a shame that New Era production was disrupted, but, if we're honest, that easily ranks among the least disappointing effects of the global pandemic.

To catch everyone up: we had planned on making a 20th anniversary New Era fitted with this patch, courtesy of @daruma.


Unfortunately, lead times tend to be very lengthy for a product like that and ran right into COVID.

  1. NikeTalk remains independent but has joined the Complex Catalyst Network for advertising support to ensure that we remain online.

  2. We've already requested the discontinuation of "pop up"/interstitial ads.

  3. The video player is set to display once per user per hour. A video player had been showing on ALL page views for logged out members previously. Content will be updated to feature NT threads.

  4. A site update is coming to include a fix for "layout shift" by reserving space for ads in advance, which will prevent the page from appearing to jump around on slower connections, since ads are loaded in last.

  5. There's a thread to discuss it here: https://niketalk.com/threads/ads-ar...ely-and-covering-posts-and-the-thread.690937/

  6. If items at the dollar store now cost $1.25, it stands to reason that the cost of "free" must also increase.

  7. As an alternative, you can go ad free by donating: https://niketalk.com/account/upgrades

    We give everything we receive from ad free subscriptions to charity, less only the cost of payment processing. (Credit Card/Paypal fees.)
Appreciate the transparency, Meth.

You know I love you :smokin
Aug 29, 2001
HBD NT. . .
Always great see those that started this and still check in from time to time. :nthat::nthat:
Miss the shenanigans from the early 200's:rofl:. We were definitely trying to figure it out back then.
I see you Henz0 :emoji_eyes:
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