Happy 24th bday NikeTalk!

Nelson C

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Dec 7, 1999

Happy 24th birthday, NikeTalk! 🎉 On the day when Jordan Brand released a 'Gratitude' edition of their shoe. I'd like to express my gratitude to all of NT's staff, and members for making our community what it is today, a family. Your presence, passion and dedication has added an unmatched depth and richness to our shared experiences. Thank you for making NikeTalk the longest running online sneaker community...(cue Jeremy Clarkson) in the world.

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Holy ****….24 years man? Crazy to think I’ve been part of this forum for almost 2 decades 😮‍💨

HAPPY BDAY NT! Forever my favorite place on the internet
Happy 24th NT! Can’t believe it’s been 24 years… what a ride. So many memories and friends, and many more to come. Thank you fam! :nthat:
:pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:

Summer 2001. 13 year old me stumbled upon this magnificent web of information!!!

I’m 35 years old now WOW!

Who would’ve thought looking at prototypes of the Jordan 17s with “Jordan” on the lace loops would’ve brought me this far??
Happy Bday to the culture.

Was thinking for the 25th an official JB collab would be pretty sweet.

And plausible in 2024 🤷

Oddly enuff, just relocated
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