Happy Birthday, Marvin : Distant Lover(Live) Vol. Chills

professor ykk

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He would have been 71. Here he is on what I believe to be the first stop of his 73' tour, the first time he appeared live after releasing his landmark Let's Get It On album. Marvin was such a headcase that he initially didn't want to perform live after such a long spell because he was afraid audiences wouldn't be accepting of him. The epitome of a tortured soul.

At the Oakland Coliseum :



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Happy Birthday to Marvin Pentz Gay.

Such a shame how your life ended. Your music lives on.

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Originally Posted by gunnascott

I got his greatest hits...................But can someone school me to his studio albums(4 or 5 maybe?)
  "What's Going On", "Let's Get It On" and "I Want You" are absolute must-listens, and I personally think that "Let's Get It On" is a masterpiece. "Here, My Dear" and "In Our Lifetime", his 2 studio albums released after "I Want You", are super-eccentric. They're not something you'd typically hear from anyone and were thus trashed by critics when they were released, but in review they're actually musically and lyrically some of Marvin's deepest work. I know I sound like a Marvin homer with that opinion but it's one that became very prevalent following his death when everyone started to give all his work a re-listen.

  To summarize, for anyone who wants to get into the man's work you should start with the first 3 albums I listed. I suspect that those 3 would probably move anyone enough to the point where they'd be interested in his final 3(which includes Midnight Love, his last before his passing). None of his earliest Motown work includes any real full album release where he had any hand in the majority of the creative stylings of either the music or the lyrics, so while most of those songs are beautiful, they don't have the personal touch that you saw during the 2nd half of his career. It makes you wonder what kind of work Marvin could have produced had he been issued the freedom to create early in his career.
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Originally Posted by Professor YKK

"What's Going On", "Let's Get It On" and "I Want You" are absolute must-listens

"Distant Lover" studio is overlooked, too. It's pretty damn cold actually... Kanye used it wonderfully.

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Man, I grew up on soulful music so its only right I appreciate.

  • Inner City Blues--
  • Mercy Mercy Me
  • You Sure Love To Ball
  • God Is Love (the alternate version that Kanye used for Common's 'Love Is' )  is so +!%*@% soulful

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Yes, I actually prefer the studio version too. To me it's one of the most beautifully produced songs of all time, everything about it so elegantly understated but so powerful at the same time. This live version kills me, though. I've never heard so many birds go that crazy and be that loud in such an instantaneous moment.

I forgot . . The "Trouble Man" soundtrack. Maybe not a must-listen but it's well worth it, you can really hear him start to break out of his shell. Don't watch the movie unless you're drunk or on something.
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Man, Marv was the truth. I actually went to Hitsville USA back in 2008 and the first artist I wanted info on was Marvin. Music so timeless yo. They just dont do it like they use to back in the days.
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