Harlem Shake Story?

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My parents went away last week for their 20th wedding anniversary and left me home alone. So ive been talking to the german exchange chick in my Bio class for most of the semester and this week was perfect to make my move since i got an empty house. I told her i was gonna show her a "piece of Germany".

So yesterday i grabbed the keys to my moms Benz wagon, had some stoner dude pick me up a 6 pack of Becks, and i thought we could finish the night off with a sausage tasting

Long story short, we're in the car, the Becks is kicking in with her (i didnt drink and drive) and she says its cool to go back to my pad. In the back of my head i start flipping out. Then when i go to make a uturn i forget that i have it in freaking reverse. I backed up into a telephone pole!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrr! nooooooo!! Sea blocked by a pole, pole blocked! I got a MEAN dent it the back and im flipping out and it kills the mood. I was in a get in those ribs mood and she was in a take me home mood.

So i take it over to this oily machanic dude i know to get an estimate today. He tells me $950 BUCKS!! Im like Allah, jesus, whoever, please just kill me. So i go to my boys house and everybody thinks its FUNNY! This girl Casey was there who is like the head of all the dances and all that says she might have an idea to help me out.

She said that our school dance team was sponsoring a HARLEM SHAKE contest on monday and the GRAND PRIZE IS $1000! At first i was like yessssssss but then i remembered i didnt know how to Harlem Shake.

Im determined to get this done whatever it takes but the compitition is supposed to be steep. Like 100 kids signed up and they're bussing in actual Harlem residents to judge the contest. I need some soul quick! If i win i can get the car fixed and cleaned up before the parental units get home next thursday.

Any tips? anything? videos? i just spent an hour watching this girls copy of Darrens Dance Grooves and my head is spinning. Im practicing in the mirror but it just looks like im drowning. My arms are just flapping all over the place and i almost dislocated my shoulder. broke. My parents left me money to eat and stuff but thats just about to run out. I spent most of it on a couple pairs of Dunks the day they left now all i can afford is like a slice of pizza a day.

Now i hear that "Pete The Pop Lockin Playa" and his friend "Hustlin Hank" (yes, thats what they call themselves) were trying to get their hands on the German chick. Tonight! GOD does my life SUCK. Shes a sweet girl and very impressionable. Now these dancer kids who run the school are probably gonna foul her before i get my shot

my shoulders are killing me This kid DJ Tanner is gonna be on the wheels of steel for the competition. Im cool with him, he wished me luck when i saw him today. He said he's been saving some of his dopes beats and freshest grooves especially for tomorrow. I wanna be ready for whatever he puts on.

I can feel the funk in the blood. If dancing was a house, Poppin' Pete would be evicted So I get to school this morning all braided up and there’s a huge buzz about the contest tonight. People I don’t even know heard about my story started wishing me luck in the hallway. So I’m in the library during my 3rd period study hall and one of Poppin Pete’s henchmen “Funky Brewster
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You're gonna get a lot of hate for this.
I personally thought it was a creative, funny story, but you're gonna have a lot of "haters" as the kids say these days...

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I remember when i first saw some kid do the Harlem shake in my block. He was like 8 years old saying " aahh!, what you know about this Julio? ". He was some little white kid too.
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if anyone made a post that long nowadays the 1st response would be "get a blog", "yns" or "cool story bro" no matter how entertaining the story is
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