Has anybody ever been to Essence Music Festival?

Joined May 25, 2001

It's in New Orleans on July 2-4. The artist list is crazy, but I still don't get how it works. So is it I buy my weekend ticket, and I have my seat for all 3 days and can just come and go as I please?  Like say Janet Jackson was performing at 3, Charlie Wilson at 5, and Alicia Keys at 7. Could I come see Janet, then go do something in town, and come back at 7 and see Alicia Keys? Because I can't imagine staying like all day at a concert. The artists list is ridiculous, but I also wondered about the Superdome artists and then the SuperLounge ones. Will the Lounge performances be at night and are any of them simultaneous with somebody performing at the dome?

Or basically to anybody who has been, what was it like overall? Help me out. I'm leaning heavily towards Yay since I won't even have to take any days off work. Also, are %#%$!+ still acting up in  New Orleans or is it safe again? I'll probably be by myself.
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