Has anybody ever had the google-redirect virus?

Jul 16, 2001
I have this virus that redirects me to google-redirect.com everytime I click a link. I scan and scan and scan and can't get it to go away.

I have spybot S&D, malware bytes, security task manager, adaware and The Shield antivirus on my computer and none of them are fixing the problem.

Any recomendations?

EDIT: I'm also trying to get rid of the trojan vundo
download superantispyware run it on safe mode and your good to go, or use any of your current spyware apps in safe mode
I had the same. Download Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. Update it and it will delete it. Probably the best free virus remover.
I feel so defeated...

made a post on that forum and all I can do is hope they can help.
I had the same virus a few weeks ago..I found a way to make it go away. While running your web browser go to the start menu and click the button to shut downthe computer..An option should come up saying that it is ending your web browser..DO NOT click end now wait till the meter fills and the option to cancel willcome up soon...Click on cancel and then you shouldnt have that problem anymore..
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