Has Anyone Else Been De-Frauded By Identity Theft????

Joined Jan 2, 2009
Just got all my money back but went thru hell to do so. I had to fill out forms, get them notarized, allow my CU to share some non-sensitive info withapplicable authorities for pressing charges on the fraudulent institution. Crazy.

I woke up Monday morning and my checkings was at 0. I called them immediately like. "Yo, I haven't done any of these transactions." A whole 24hours later, I got all my money back. Apparently someone used my info on Sunday to try to purchase bonds..... I caught it early Monday and put a stop on it andthey froze my account before it went thru.

Now I'm looking into starting a third acct with Bank of America for this "Safe Pass" card for all my online debit transactions. Has anyone heardof or currently using this feature?
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