Has anyone here ever taken time off from College ?

Nov 21, 2005
my situation is tough.

Right now, I'm extremely unhappy at my current University. I'm in a circumstance where I just can't be motivated and goal oriented at the collegeI'm attending so
my grades have been slipping, and my GPA right now is not too good (2.5). I applied to transfer but I got rejected from most of them so I'm sort of stuck.(i'm going to be a junior).

But the idea of going back to this school this coming Fall is just dreadful. So I've been thinking about taking a semester or two off and getting an internor a job. and then re applying to
transfer schools near home.
anyone ever do something like this ?

Thanks for the input.
a lot of people take time off from school but no one is going to hire you with that GPA, no degree and in the middle of the worst recession in decades. I saystay in school.
Yeah I took a semester off because I was debating on joining the military. I had a job that kept me busy, but I was sorta anxious to get back to school. Ithink a break would be good because you've been going to school for how many semester's straight? Since like 1st grade. Just don't get complacentand say #%%@ school.
I have taken 2 semesters off before , you have to deal with personal issues before anything

your just going to waste time and money if you go take a semester not mentally ready for school..
why you unhappy scrappy(w/ the university)? and if you're unmotivated now, what makes you think you will be after a break?
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