Has anyone on NT ever leased to a roommate in a house they own?

Joined May 25, 2001
Been thinking about it some lately, but I don't know. What were the pros and cons, particularly if you leased to a stranger (since most of my friends are married)? I've had roommates before in apartments, friends and 1nce a randomly assigned one at the Military apartments, but I figure it's going to be different when it's my **** too so I'm also landlord.

Like I wouldn't want anybody with kids, or a live in girlfriend, or who has company too often, and beyond the fact you can't even legally put that in ads, I'm wondering if it would even be worth it for me at that point. I could probably get $~700 if I rented a room I think. Also, did you just print up your own lease or still go through a management company, find somebody through a service like roommates.com?
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