Has Anyone Seen "Ip Man" The Movie? DOOOOPE! Vol. BRUCE LEE'S MENTOR

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This is old. but I just saw this last night,
This guy went on to teach Bruce Lee...Amazing.


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Originally Posted by NuMba1KiCkrocka

Bruce Lee's Mentor?
Ip Man is a real person who has already died, but was Bruce Lee's mentor. That was just a guy playing him.

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He was one of Bruce's first Kung Fu teachers. If not THE first.

Yip Man is widely considered the top of the food chain for Wing Chun Kung Fu. Which is a combat oriented style of KF. I've studied it a bit.

Yip was the first to start teaching it openly.

Quite a bit of Bruce's JKD is based on Wing Chun.
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wow...nice trailer for ipman 2....
cant understand mandarin, but is that a young bruce lee in the trailer?!!!?
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