Hate to ask this but....


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Off Lil Wayne's mix-tape "No Ceilings" theirs a punch-line in 'Throw It In The Bag" where Wayne says "No bs, no Ben Gordon". What exactly does he mean by that? Sorry if this is obvious and Im not getting it.
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Probably what Scott was referring to. You gotta understand though Wayne on some of his metaphors and punchlines they don't always hit. He throws so many out there and they hit about 40-50% of the time. I think this is one of those that didn't hit.
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Originally Posted by trapmuzik617

Originally Posted by inspektahdeck

Gordon had a no bs tat on his lower back dont ask me how i know
I kno about that tat on your lower back. Ask me how i kno
This thread is suspect..

I'm thinking about gettin a tat on my lower back...
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