HAve Yall ever balled in RETRO?

Joined Sep 19, 2006
Do you guys prefer balling in Retro or Up to date nike shoes? for me i had the AIR shoes retro and they really didnt perform well...how has the retro shoestreat you on the courts?

BTw: mY line up now is just the kobe vi but im looking to get some either hyperDUnks or HyperRIze.
Joined Sep 19, 2006
Feel you im trying to get a pair but all sold out!! where can i get them shipped ?
Joined Nov 30, 2007
In my opinion the retro of the Penny II's hurt my arch but new technolgy for the court all day for me.
Joined Apr 18, 2007
Depends on the shoe. If it has zoom like the retro xiv or xii. But for the most part up to date shoes
like LBJ's, Kobe's, HDs, AJ xxi & xxii.
Joined Nov 11, 2004
i liked balling in my maestros, but other than that i liked current nike hoop shoes over retros. balling in jordan ii's and iii's hurt my feet.
Joined Mar 4, 2005
Word I used to ball in af1 mids and reebok pumps....last yr I balled in my air force 180's....worked great for me...good traction and shock absorption,light...gonna try my cb34's
Joined Jan 27, 2006
i do it all the time.

people say AF1 highs are heavy, but my patent sheeds seem to work well..

it's not like i'm jumping over snake pools or 7 footers, so whatever has traction and looks cool is good enough for me.
Joined Jul 13, 2002
Originally Posted by DUnkFan84

Do you guys prefer balling in Retro or Up to date nike shoes? for me i had the AIR shoes retro and they really didnt perform well...e.

I'm assuming you mean the More Uptempo. They didn't perform well in 1996 either. Poor support. Unresponsive at the forefoot.
Joined Apr 15, 2008
i hooped in my zoom flight 96's today. shoe is to comfy lol. the insole is too soft. feels like im hoopin in tempurpedic shoes. i need something more firm


Joined Apr 19, 2009
im currently balling in some nike more uptempo for the 90's. they holding up well!
Joined Oct 5, 2008
I only ball in Lebrons, Why?, because his shoes always have the best technology, zoom air and double stack zoom air...

here is the thing, i NEVER pay full price for lebrons, always wait till that 50% off...
Joined Aug 13, 2000
I've played in retro FP1s. They are as good as the originals. They are great shoes. However, I do think technology is better in most of today's highend shoes, so I mostly play in XX3s, Kobes, Lebrons, etc.
Joined Dec 6, 2005
I balled all last summer in Zoom Flight 96s, and loved them. Now, those are worn out, so I went to the Zoom Flight 95s....and they're killing my feet.Cutting into my ankle, blisters on the bottom of my big toe. Might have to pick up another pair of 96s, I think the grey/white ones can be had for under $100pretty easily.

I'll ball in anything good inside, but for outdoors, I tend to ball in cheaper pairs. What does everyone recommend recently that can be had for $70-$80?
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