havent seen this posted on here yet.......EWINGS ARE BACK:)

Wow!! I have many, many pics of me as a tot with Ewings kicks on. As a Jamaican, and a New Yorker, my dad without hesitation got me these before any Air Jordan (thanks mom).

It would be nice to have these in the rotation once again, lol.

edit: the article is from June 14th. Where are the kicks?
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some dude affiliated with the Goodfoot/United Front Crew bought the rights to the Ewings and those were early sample pics on Matt George's Blog.

I would expect them to be dropping relatively soon. (relatively as in the next 6 months to a year) But this is a complete guess

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interesting...i remember when these came out...i dint cop hahaha i bought a pair of jays instead
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they were expensive when they came out, i was never able to gey a pair. this sounds like good news, where are they gonna be available because i can't find any more information on these shoes, other than next sports has the US liscensing(sp?)
I did have a couple of pairs of Ewings, with matching leather jackets :pimp:
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Wow, Ewings!!!

They came out with different Ewing models back in the day. There was one that was more low cut and didn't have the strap at the back. I liked those. However, if it's the model as in the photos, i.e. the real high top ones, I might have to pass.

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I had the Blk/Wht leather ones... Always rocked the strap to the back... Bulky as hell, though....
[Marv Albert]YESSSSSSSSSSSSS![/Marv Albert] My prayers have been answered, any Ewings that come out will be a must cop for me.
dudes who bought the rights better sell them at a low price because young dudes aint gonna be rockin them...
Ahhh the memories. I remember the getting the black ones in grade school. I was sold after seeing that 33 basketball hangin' off the side.

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