HBO's Silicon Valley - First Episode Up on YouTube

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Silicon Valley is an American sitcom that centers on six programmers who are living together and trying to make it big in Silicon Valley
First episode was pretty good. Its up on youtube (below):
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awesome so far.

first show was great... can't wait to see TJ Miller and Martin Starr shine in future episodes.


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First episode was awesome.  Hopefully this show will stick around, i was bummed when Hello Ladies got the ax.
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This series just started?

Just happened to stumble upon it the other day and thought it was pretty good.

Will be watching.

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Why wouldn't it be on HBO?

Second episode was solid.. the insults to Big Head only to reveal he could hear them every time was hilarious. Richard growing some balls and saying Big Head stays only to be undercut was a great twist. And I like that the show isn't letting the guys have success without consequences as well. Hooli reverse engineering the algorithm raises the stakes and automatically creates tension as they can refer back to Hooli beating them to the punch whenever they need to. Plus you've got Peter Gregory as their adviser/investor but still being a source of conflict as they were totally unprepared for the meeting :lol:

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it's not laugh out loud funny like the reviews and promos are saying but it does have a good, modern rags to riches story that's keeping me hooked.

As a satire it's almost perfect. :smokin

I just want to see how far dem dudes will rise basically while also seeing how removed the silicon valley culture is.
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As a person that works in the IT field, this hit home. I hope HBO doesn't cancel the the show. This could be like a geek version of entourage and has soo much potential.
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