Headed to AZ for the BCS Championship, Where to go?


Mar 9, 2002
What's up AZ NTers? I am heading to AZ for the Natl Championship game and will be there from Sat 1/6 to Tues 1/9, what are the best clubs and spots to chill at in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale area. I would most def like to know the best spots that play hip-hop and has a plentiful amount of fine broads. Give me the info on you're area. Good lookin in advance.
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don't know much about Glendale, and most of it is brand spankin' new, but there are good spots in both Phoenix and ESPECIALLY Scottsdale. Where are you staying?
My wishlist: sz 10-10.5, preferably DS: DMP, AJ V Black/Metallic Silver, AJ V White/Fire Red, AJ V Burgundy, AJ VI Low Black/Silver, AJ VI Low White/Carolina, AJ IX Low White/Blue Pearl, AJ IX Low White/White, AJ XI Space Jams, AJ XI Concords, AJ XI Columbia Blue, AJ XII Black/Taxi,
Post your myspace if you have one, and I'll be able to steer you in the right direction.
TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHITE GIRLS!!! And I'm not talking about Drugs!!!!!!!
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I don't have a myspace account. I will be staying in Scottsdale, I believe near the ASU campus.
TEAM "I got's ta do it"
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