heading down to the Philippines

Jan 19, 2006
sup guys, well im headin down to PI dec 8th this is gonna be my first time going there and actually experiencing the whole life and culture since the other times i was about 7 and 3 and i barley remember anything. I think im going to Olongapo City im pretty sure. Just trying to get some info about shoestores maybe around that area? im trying to get my fire red 5's that come out 16's and need a couple places to buy and shop around. thanks for all the help in advance
sm city in san fernando is the closest ...I forgot the name of the store but I know its nike maybe zone or something, like popoy said there's an outlet store inside subic base. named the outlet store so it's hard to miss, don't expect fire reds there though .. make sure you visit ocean adventure and do the swim with the whales ...its pretty cool if you're into those things... I have a few good friends
that would gladly show you around gapo if you want....hit me up ....enjoy!
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