Hello NT 1st Post

Joined Mar 23, 2008
Whats good NT? Been lurking for about 10 years finally decided to join in on the fun.
Joined Apr 24, 2003
10 years of lurking? Wow. So why did you pick TODAY to post? I'm just wondering. Anyway, welcome.
Joined Jun 28, 2007
Originally Posted by ericberry14

1st post and you already suck...

go back to lurking

If you were really lurking or that long you should know that #*$# like that dont fly.

Regardless welcome
Joined Mar 23, 2008
Why did I decided to post today? It just felt right! I think the first time that I found NT was when I was looking for info regarding the red/blk retroXI's. Damn it just hit me! Its been a long time! Ive bought countless things from the 10.5-11 forum, I was buying some DMP 5's today and justdecided to go ahead and post.
Joined Oct 9, 2008
Originally Posted by Mr Fizzy Womack

Originally Posted by CalvinJohnson

I remember all 13 of my 1st posts like it was this morning
That's because it was this morning.

OP, welcome. Now make a hot celebrity female appreciation thread to make up for this thread
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