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Jun 30, 2007
Im selling some prints, taking pre orders right now. Im in a big money struggle right now, and I have so much planned for more art to be put out like shirts etc... so this is to raise money for that. Also if you have C&C Id love to hear it so I can only get better next time.


what I said to the ISSers...

Prints for sale, Taking pre orders now. 10 bones a print...wont be printing much (yes Im hopping on the limited gimmick) so pre order yours now. All prints will be numbered and signed/stamped.
So is Marvin Gaye going to benefi from this at all?
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm sorry, you want NT to help you out after the whole fiasco this summer? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
DestinationKicks: real great idea tommie, real great stereotee : you never f'n know these days stereotee : remember the alamo
"There is a fanbase that wants to hear good music, but there is a media that promotes foolishness." -Rhymefest
Fiasco during the summer? And Lavan I dont know how a deceased man could benefit from this at all. Believe me, I have checked to see if any foundations existed that the man belonged to or were created after him but sadly there wasn't. His family is well off considering his son is a producer and his daughter, a model/actress. I guess Im not a trendy streetwear designer and cant make designs like this though.
So you honestly think that once someone dies you can make a profit off of their image and not pay royalties to anyone?
YOu didn't even make an attempt to do a spin-off of the used his picture AND his name all in correct spelling. There's a violation in there somewhere.
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Extra, someone owns the rights to the usage of his name and image.

Not a knock, but this may be small enough to fall under their radar. But recognize, you are taking a risk by selling these without "expliced written consent."

Just last week a list of deceased celebrity earning was released. Look it up and it might help you.
Thanks, Ill do some more research. And yea you are right, this could upset some one and get me in trouble. And Lavan, I didnt do a spin off of the name simply because I admire his work, Im giving credit to Marvin Gaye, not Marv0ne gaye or so on. And Im not even making a huge profit, you are paying for ink and paper and then a couple of extra bucks so I can buy some screens and more supplies. Maybe I should switch it up a little though, so I can avoid arguments as such. Thanks again scott, appreciate it.
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