help from the people who have contacts in nike..

Jul 11, 2006
i am a nike fan since first year hs in my school and im a size problem is that i am a nike dunk and af1 fan and now, my dad and i could not get new dunks or af1s because of the reason that sz 12 nalang daw ang narerelease ng you have any um, people who i could ask if ever desperado na ko and im looking for new size 13s of dunk and af1? thank just like to know..
Umn to add to my last post! That is not true that Nike will only be making up to size 12s on AF1s and Dunks Because as any sneaker head know that AF1 is the hottest selling shoe world wide more that the Jordan brand. AF1s are also a very hot item in the Black Community specially in Big cities lie ATL, NYC, DETROIT ETC. As a matter of fact. I know that you guys in PI can't buy and sell on EBAY but Ive seen AF1 for sale there in a size 15's! But yeah...where ever you got that 411 from is straight 000!
AF1s in men's size go from 7.5-13 (with half sizes), then 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. (in certain models, not all - some only go up to 14)

whoever told you 12 was the biggest size is lying.
that serious?​
im sorry if its not clear but i mean local releases in the philippines..sorry for the lacking info.i know in america size 13's is normal there in the states but in the philippines sz13 is weird. every friend of mine makes fun of me becase when they see me rock air forces or dunks, its not normal...well thanks for the help guyz..
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