Help: Huarache 2k5 or 2k4 Sizing?

Joined May 30, 2003
Just wondering if anyone can give any advice on the Fit of the Huarache 2k5s and 2k4s...Do they run true to size? Are they wide/narrow? Anything I shouldknow before buying either?

I have wide feet and for reference, wear:

10 in Lebron 2s (fits perfectly)

10 in Lebron 3s (fits well)

9.5 in Hyperdunks (a little snug, but fits well)

9.5 in Shox VC 3s (fits perfectly)

10 in Kobe 1s (fits well, but seems just a bit long)

10 in Kobe 3s (fits width wise, but feels WAY too long)

10 in any Foams/Flightposites 1-3 (all feel somewhat narrow except foam ones/pros/max)

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out if I should buy a 9.5 or a 10. I'm guessing they'd fit closely to Kobe 1s,but I'm worried aboutthe width. Any help or advice is much appreciated, Thanks
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9.5 should be good for you, but both of those shoes are very narrow as well, the 2K5 more so. Try the Huarache 08 or 09, both of which have a wider forefootarea that would fit better for your feet.
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I'd get 9.5 in 2K4's and 10 in 2K5's.

But I would look at 2K8's over both as well.

2K4's are a bit firm, so if you like firm Zoom, go for those. They're excellent shoes overall.

2K5's are softer, and I liked those better, but they may not be as durable as 2K4's.

Personally, I liked ZK1's over both of them. I also like 2K8's because they fit better for me, I just think they're more comfortable.
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I don't have a wide foot in terms of needing like 4E shoes but they are a little bit. The Lebron 6s felt like they'd kill my foot lol.

I wear the 2k4s for ballin and they're my normal size which is 11. In my experience there is plenty of room as I play in double socks as well.
Joined May 30, 2003
Hey, thanks for all the great responses...

Yea, it sucks sometimes having wide feet, like someone said, certain shoes (ex. Lebron VI, Jordan XIX, Flightposite 3) are just too narrow to fit well. I hopethe 2k5s aren't in that category because I really like the way they look, I guess I need a 10...

I'm definitely going to check for the Huarache 09s when they go on sale, they look like they're due for a big price drop towards the end of summer orso...
Joined Jan 22, 2008
yea 10 id say.... i wear sz 10 lebron 2 and it fits pretty tight. and 2k5 sz10 was even tighter gave me a cramp for the first 5 minutes of playing in them..then it got better after breaking in. but it gives me a little pain everytime i first tighten shoelace before games.
HD sz 10 was alot comfier(roomier) than 2k5 sz10 in terms of fitting (width)
Joined Jun 19, 2009
the 2k4's run 1/2 size big, the 2k5 I thought was true to size, although you probably could go 1/2 size down
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