HELP me find these Nikes!!!

Joined Jan 25, 2015
Saw a pic of these all white Nikes on twitter.

Im looking to get a pair of all white shoes, not sure exactly what to get.

Kinda like the huraches, but i only can find all white with Nike ID, and dont want to wait for shipping 6 weeks.

The air max are a little bit too "bulky" for my style.

those are the ones i saw.  they must be custom or something, with the spikes on the back....

would somebody help me find these? or even any recommendations for some cool all white street style kicks.

Joined Nov 5, 2003
Aren't tiempos soccer shoes?

These are not soccer...
Although "Tiempo" was the term originally used for Soccer shoes, the ones w/ '94 in its name are basically the casual shoes just like "Mercurial" for Free Mercurial Superfly tho.
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