Help me make something good

Oct 1, 2008
I want to try to start some kind of organization that will help all these bums in the streets get their lives back together and i want to raise a crap loadof money somehow to try and feed the poor.does anybody have any ideas at how i can start something like this?any help would be usefull
i know,im going to try to get some to go to rehab and if they complete what they are supposed to do i will then get them a job which would turn their wholelife around.
start off small just to get your face out there. Once you start volunteering, you will like it.

Go to Sams Club/costco (sp?) and buy a bunch of bulk breakfast food (sausage and biscuits, orange juice) and serve the food at a homeless shelter a fewmornings. Just get to know the people first. From there, you will learn of their needs and other places they frequent to get services.

The goal is to network with other non profits in your area ,no need to rebuild the wheel at first. You'll hit a creative spark somewhere.

other ideas for your program: Resume, interview skills, computer skills, learning how to read, helping their kids to learn basic math and reading skills, howto start a business, etc.
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