Help me out people in NYC...

Joined Apr 4, 2005
I need to find something fun to do with a female friend of mine dis weekend in NYC that doesnt require money. We're tryna not spend much money just to see if it can be done...Im 24 and shes 29...and yes we're JUST friends. Any help would be appreciated. Post ur ideas no matter how crazy they sound! Thanks!
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Central Park walk
eat cheap from corner stands, especially for breakfast
window shop and stores like the NBA Store and Nike store are experiences in themselves
Sex Museum is only 7$ but I think it's worth it especially going with a significant other
People watch in Times Square and the Subway
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Take her to the MoMa on friday, it's free 4-8pm. For a bite to eat take her across the street to 53rd and 6th for some hallal.
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Just go to the park, any park really. Ride a bike or something, shoot some hoops. Most chicks are usually down for w/e if they're really digging you.

Take control and show her whats up.

The Auto-show starts this weekend too, admission isn't too bad.

Gonna be beautiful this weekend, good luck.
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Take her to you crib, !%*!. Thats free

But nah seriously, the weather this weekend is supposed to be amazing, so just chill in the city, walk around until you find something. The best things in life are spontaneous my man. For the most part anyways.
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Walk around Chelsea and see all the art galleries. There's some real good ones on 24th & 25th street between 10th & 11th Avenues. Take a walk on the High Line.

Check out the Barnstormers Art Exhibit at Joshua Liner gallery on 28th Street.

Great exhibit of Japanese prints from the mid 1800s at the Japan Society on 47th & 1st. I went last week. It's free to get in on Fridays from 6-9

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and check out Dumbo, see some of the best street art in NYC and then hang out at the park over there.

Check the Cherry Blossom exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
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Go to the Museum of Natural History. Chicks dig that.

Afterwards walk over to central park.
Perhaps bring a baseball and some gloves and play catch. If shes not into that bring a volleyball or whatever she might be into.
If she hates sweating and the thought of throwing a ball around bring a blanket with some sammiches (if shes a good woman she should make some good sammiches) and just have a little picnic at central park.

Total cost should be very cheap.
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