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I'm taking a drive out there from the bay in a few days and need some help.

Whats there to do out here, besides checking out the local shoe/clothing spots. . . what else is there to check out? Any places that are a MUST? .......Let me know.

Where are some good spots to eat? Not too expensive ....I will be out here for about 3 days.

I will be out there Aug. 10-13


I cant wait to go, it will be my first time out there.

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if you've never been down here before, i'd suggest hollywood.
might not be the best place, but it's nice to experience it at least once.

looking for:
vnds/ds am95s in sz 8-8.5
vnds/ds 3s & 4s in sz 8
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what part of socal are you going to? as far as food goes... pinks hot dogs in hollywood. its pretty good, but its pretty greasy and fattening. theyre open late though. some say its overrated, especially since theres usually a long line.

for snacks/dessert, diddy reese in westwood/near UCLA. last time i was there the ice cream cookie sandwiches were $1.25.

guppy tea house in cerritos... but only for the brick toast or shaved ice. everything else could be better.

yogurtland in irvine or fullerton.

roscoes chicken and waffles. its overpriced for what they give, so you can go or the experience i guess.
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ed and I watched the Roots perform live. :pimp:

After that you can hit up the clubs. Highlands is a nice club, its way up on top and you get a nice view of hollywood.
Cabana is also a cool spot, expect to drop a lot of $$$ though.
I was there last thursday and I met a few clippers, dodgers, and Don Magic Juan was there. :smh:

Aside from that, if you want to visit a theme park it all depends.

Disneyland is dope just because of the history, the rides are not all that. Expect 2-3 hour lines for the popular rides though, even on the weekdays.

Magic Mountain-If you want extreme rides and less people. Expect ghetto kids and cholos though.

Knotts-Is cool because its less chill, but still has nice rides. Never crowded, and you can get in for $20 after 4pm :smokin
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yea city walk is in the heart of LA and it's minutes from hollywood and in citywalk there's lots to do & alot of places to eat whether u wanna eat in a restaurant or prefer something more fast food
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i know for sure we hittin up huntington beach, a friend stays that way
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