help.. spots in japan?

Jun 23, 2005
hi my friend is going to japan (sasayaw), i know there's spots there where you can buy OG's...especially my size 7.5 lol....anybody knows the place? name of store? or number... any info......thanks in advance
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hi my friend is going to japan (sasayaw)
^ hey tsiken. Japan doesn't really have exact addresses or whatnot and it's kinda hard to explain where exactly stuff are.

But when I was there, I just walked around the Shibuya area...basically the generation Y fashion district (the chic one is Ginza) and there are a number of shops there. Most of them seemed legit, but it being Japan, prices are quite high.
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thanks psx it's just that my friend would not know the difference between grosby from jordans, so if it's not an exact spot....i wouldn't risk it..... baka maibili ako ng jordan na gawa sa sushi..... thanks for the info..
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The Name of the store is "KICHIOJI SKIT"

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