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Dec 1, 2003
I need some help. How do i get rid of this spyware/virus on my computer. My browser/comp always crashes. My memory is leaking I think. Everything is just slower all the time, and my homepage always changes. I'm gettin twice as many pop-ups. I already have Ad-aware 6. Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks ArsnalJ23 - The software acutally works! :smile:
no prob. it also helps if once your computer is clear of everything, you run these programs often. i run each of these programs everytime im about to turn my computer off. another thing you can do is once you know what the virus is called, type it into google and read about it, you can usually find ways to prevent them from comin back (especially the one that you have, the thing that crashes youre computer, i had the same thing).
Good stuff for sure.

I'm a certified Novell Instructor / Certified Banyan Engineer / Instructor and have a pretty deep knowledge of comptuers / software but damn... these little *** viruses are a serious pain.... and I've been looking for a solution for the longest -

Thanks again.
I had the same problem, but I fixed it by d/l all these in addition to having Ad-Aware 6.

HijackThis to clean suspicious files
Spyware Blaster to prevent hijacks
Spyware Guard to alert you of hijacks
Google Toolbar to block popups
CCleaner to clean unnecessary files
CWShredder to get rid of trojans
Have Norton or McAfee running as well
Update frequently!!

This should help hopefully. Avoid PORN so that you don't run into more problems. :smile:
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